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Has your life not always been easy? Do you want to release your troubled past and heal your emotional pain? Would you like to let go of what’s holding you back from becoming all that you could be? Do you want to face the unknowns of the future with confidence, and with a steady belief in your own resilience and strength?


Taking charge of your inner healing is one of the greatest acts of self-love. By committing to this process and raising your vibration, that is, the energy that courses through you and which you radiate out into the world, you’ll create space to welcome more joyful experiences into your life.


In this book, Number 1 Sunday Time’s Bestselling author, Vex King, shows you how to approach inner healing in a simple and purposeful way. With a series of practical exercises, each building on the last, you’ll be able to heal from your trauma and other emotional wounds in a long-lasting way. This book enables a direct experience of self-realization and discovery.







More control over your reactions to emotional triggers

A feeling of totality and self-acceptance 


Greater levels of inner peace

New perspective on hurtful situations

The ability to overcome negative behaviour patterns






The skill to let go of limiting beliefs and create new ones

The confidence to face your wounded inner child



An understanding of how you can break the cycle of generational trauma

Motivation to do, see and be more

A sense of hope, freedom and joy


Dear All,


Before you purchase my book, I'd love to share some honest reflections about the process of writing this book. Firstly, I want to admit that I genuinely never intended to write more than one book. I know that sounds strange coming from someone who has a great passion for penning their emotions, but my ultimate goal was to release a single book that would change the world. Whether or not that has been fulfilled through my first book Good Vibes, Good Life, is another discussion to have. Regardless of any opinions about the book, my primary intention was to share a simple guideline to creating a better life.


I wanted to deliver a book full of the "aha" moments that I've gotten from all the material, teachings, conversations and reflections I've experienced. I aimed to deliver relatable and practical wisdom, without the fluff so to speak. For those who read my newsletter, you may know that I'm a great fan of the author, intellectual, philosopher, and physicist, Richard Feynman. A quote that's often attributed to Albert Einstein (who was a fan of Feynman) suggests that if you can't explain something to a six-year-old, then you don't understand it well enough yourself. Whether Einstein said it or not, this single idea has inspired all of my work. It's one of the main reasons why my book was written with such simplicity.


However, since the release of Good Vibes, Good Life, I've received a lot of similar follow-up questions, such as:


How do I get over a heartbreak?


How can I implement the changes from your first book when I just don't feel motivated?


How do I forgive myself and others?


How do I let go of the past?


I know I need to think positive and raise my vibration. I'm really trying, but I just can't – I feel like crap. What do I do?


For many people, Good Vibes, Good Life served as a great resource for personal transformation, and I've honestly been so thrilled with the overwhelming response. I truly believe in my work, and I'm happy to see the effect it's had on people.


However, most of us still need to go deeper, so we're not limited by the impressions of the past. I've been travelling further on my own healing journey too. I've been learning more and expanding my awareness. I imagine I do this daily.


On the Internet, most of us have now heard the phrases heal yourself and inner healing but many of us don't know how to embark on this journey. And while there is a lot of helpful content and various modalities that have inspired people to make changes, I felt encouraged to share my own vision for healing.


I don't want to give too much away, but the last few years have been very revealing to me. I've had to reassess a lot of my highly convicted beliefs, my ideologies, my models and my concepts. I've had to develop my understanding.


Having the first book reach and help so many people was honestly a dream come true for me. I don't say that lightly. I could be gone tomorrow, and I would feel fulfilled in every sense. Since the release of the book, I've been overwhelmed by the responses. I've been offered all kinds of things that a younger, homeless child to a single mother fighting her way through racism and poverty, would have only dreamt of. While I've been super grateful for everything that's come my way, I've developed a much healthier relationship with my ego-mind, and I've found it much easier to say "no" to things that don't align with my key values around authenticity, kindness and empowerment. This isn't me getting too big for my boots, it's me simply knowing which boots I want to walk down my path in.


Following the reach of the first book, many publishers wanted me to write a second book right away. They saw the potential for profit through my words, and so there was pressure to churn out another book, even if I wasn't ready. But, I've been clear that the second book would progress naturally – my intuition would lead me to it. And that it has. I identified an area that I wanted to explore as a result of a common need – and I was inspired to write it a year earlier than I anticipated.


The pandemic – as horrific and traumatic as it's been for many of us, was the perfect opportunity for me to write this book. Last year, I said it's not our job to fix 2020, it's our job to heal the parts of us that resonate with the feeling of brokenness. During 2020, past traumas and emotional wounds resurfaced due to the external changes we encountered. Things we hadn't properly addressed and healed came to light. It was a time which indicated that inner healing needed to be a priority.


But the same question beckoned, how? Especially when many of us don't have the resources to begin journeying inward.


This book was extremely challenging for me to write. I've honestly been through over 20 edits. Not because the book was poorly written to begin with, but because I've had many sets of eyes on the script, ranging from my agent, publishing house, professional editors, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, energy healers, yogis, etc. Making the message succinct and powerful was not an easy ask. There are endless hours of research and practical experiences which have been conveyed in this book, without, hopefully, overwhelming the reader. The practices and ideas that I've included and developed are approachable and accessible to many, based on several fields of study.


While the book might seem like it has been turned around quickly because I wrote it in 10 months, believe me, I was working near-enough 15-hour days every week. I was meditating and reading in between. I was engaging in productive conversations. Furthermore, this book is an expression of a lifetime of work from myself – and other people's efforts spanning across centuries and centuries.


For years I felt overwhelmed and stressed, which inspired me to work on my healing and relay my experience and teachings in this book. To add to this, I lost my beloved nan during the process of writing this book – and then some of you saw how I was trolled about her death online. There was a lot happening, on top of a pandemic where I naturally felt called to help people. But the person that needed help the most during the period of loss, change and abuse, was me. I believe the Universe works in miraculous ways, and everything I've gone through has helped me shape this book into what it is today. And honestly, I couldn't be happier with it. In my personal opinion, this book is a real game-changer if you work through it, and all the hard work that's gone into it has been worth it.


My agent Jane, who isn't the easiest to please, said she loved it and that the book exceeded her expectations. The director of Hay House UK, Michelle, said that this book blew her away and is truly excellent. Dr Sura, a clinical psychologist of 22 years who reviewed my book said that he learned a lot from it, and it was truly beautiful. And, during the editing process, I asked my editor Debra to be completely honest about what she thought of the book. Her response was:


“As for your question – yes, I've very much enjoyed reading the book. I've worked on hundreds of titles over the past eight years or so, and many have been excellent, but I honestly feel there is something very special about this one. I find your conversational, jargon-free writing style and your sincere, down-to-earth approach to the subject so refreshing; it's also evident that your expressed desire to help people tackle and overcome their difficulties and pain is completely genuine.


I think that the book's clever blend of research, storytelling, hands-on practicality and soul-baring honesty makes for a winning package, and I can imagine readers carrying it around with them and whipping it out when they feel the need for support and insight. I particularly love the exercises, which you've conveyed in a way that makes them both fun and highly accessible for those who are unused to/wary of the mind, body, spirit stuff; I'm using no.3 already (thank you – it's a new one on me!): as you say, it's a game-changer!”


I know I'm tooting my own horn here! For anyone that knows me personally, it's not really my style. But honestly, if I'm going to market this book, I'd rather do it in this way – by illustrating how important it might just be to your life. It could open you up to a whole new world. I could have gotten celebrity endorsements to try and make it sound good, and convince you to buy it, but the truth is, half of them probably wouldn't have even read it. These opinions that I've shared, amongst others, mean a lot to me. I've purposely not shared my wife's because she's definitely going to form a strong bias towards me; after all, she endlessly loves and supports me.


While I'm not a fan of metrics, sales do make a difference, of course. As an author, you naturally want to reach a lot of people, and you definitely don't want to let your publisher down – especially as they've invested in your vision. So, I'm not going to lie; this can add a particular type of pressure.


Nevertheless, I want to try and say this from the purest place I can...if you feel like you will benefit from the book, please go ahead and order it. I believe in my life's work, and if it can help others, that's amazing. If not, that's okay too. I'm happy and grateful for my contribution. The most important thing is that we invest in our healing and begin to experience a life of love, joy and possibility, and then extend that energy to others so we can create a better world.




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